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Tap Repair and Installation

Are you looking for shower Tap Repair and Installation Services in Bristol?

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Tap Repair & Installation Services

Living in Bristol and in need of a tap repair and installation service? Don’t worry! You can call us at Richards Plumbing Services for professional and efficient tap repair and installation services.

Not only do we provide indoor tap repairs and installation, but we also give outdoor tap repair and installation services. These include an outdoor garden tap installation, for garden hose connections; watering the plants during summer, ideal for filling paddling pools, or jet washing your car.

Whether you want to repair a leaking tap, replace an old one, or just want an upgrade, we have got you covered.

Before you get a new tap, it is always wise to know the different types of taps you can choose from. Each tap has specific features. Since we want our customers to be fully informed, we have compiled the following list that we repair and install.

  • Mixer Taps

Do you know there are taps that can mix hot and cold water with just a single switch? These taps are known as mixer taps. They come either with a single lever or two separate levers that control the hot and cold-water supply.

The tap with a single lever is called a mono mixer tap. These taps are great if you want to install them for mains water pressure systems.

These taps are not great for lower water pressure systems. So, when you want to install these taps, get in touch with our team of plumbers so we can check if they’re suitable for your home.

  • Quarter Turn Tap

As the name suggests, these taps require only a quarter turn to switch on the flow. These taps are great for people who struggle with limited mobility or arthritis.

With an easy to turn action, the ceramic discs in these taps control the flow of hot or cold water. They can also be used for lower water pressure systems, as long as they are pillar taps.

  • Single Tap or Pillar Tap

If your house has a low water pressure system, pillar taps are the best option. These are two different taps, with different water holes to give hot and cold water.

  • Full Turn Tap

As the name suggests, a full turn tap will require full or multiple turns to operate. These are traditional style taps that use a spindle and rubber washer during the turning process.

These taps can also be turned into quarter turn taps with just a few slight adjustments for separate hot and cold water.

Tap Repair and Maintenance

At Richards Plumbing Services, we not only provide tap installation, but we also provide tap repair and maintenance services.

Our team of professional, certified, and experienced plumbers will maintain your taps by providing changes for washers, discs, seals, re-sealing, re-fixing, and more. It’s why we’re the number on Bristol plumbing service.

So, when you need a local plumber in Bristol for installing new taps, repairing, or maintaining your existing system, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

No matter the size of your plumbing needs, we will be always glad to help.

We have a wide range of brands that offer different styles of showers as per your needs and style. They come in different shapes and sizes, designed specifically for you, keeping your stylish bathroom in mind.

Whether you are looking for a thermostatic shower, a mixer shower, or an electric shower, we have got it all. Our team of professionals will help you choose the right shower with ease and confidence.